When employee productivity comes to a grinding halt due to any out of date or failed computers, printers, or any tech you rely on to get your work done, do you have a plan on getting it fixed? Triptych Technology Services offers your team/company the services you need to keep your company productive, and ultimately, making money.

When there is a problem with your tech, how much do you lose daily? Computers are the backbone to any business, and their upkeep is of utter importance. 

Our braintrust at Triptych Technology Services employs a 24/7/365 service strategy that enables us to provide our partners onsite IT support and help desk services. 

We have a pool of 2500+ engineers all across the country that provide unparalleled service ready to service any partner in any zipcode nationwide. This ensures that your service requests are completed efficiently from work order open to close. 

Triptych Technology Services ensures that the engineer dispatched to your site are qualified to work on your systems, from Apple, HP, Dell, SuperMicro, IBM, Xerox, etc..., we got you covered. All of our engineers have undergone and possess a current background check. 

No matter if you need a temp worker or a full time engineer onsite, Triptych Technology Services has you covered. Contact us @ 1(888)344-1739 to get started.