Triptych Technology Services is a Technology company - we provide a wide range of services for the enterprise. from onsite staffing to data center services, our vast network of engineers do it all. We provide support for any type of business, and can have a qualified engineer or team of engineers next day to help in any situation; whether you need to recover your business from a virus infection, need servers racked at your data center, or are planning a national IT deployment, we do it all. 


We work with thousands of engineers all over the country to provide our level of service to any zip code in the US. Triptych Technology Services prides itself on it's level of service it provides to its customers, and ensures our engineers are people of trust and are well qualified to work on your systems. 

Triptych Technology Services has provided field services support for a plethora of different industries and local governments. Our engineers put their heart in their work, whether they are troubleshooting network issues, deploying kiosks, or assisting in the deployment of millions in dollars in managed cell phones for state employees, you won't find better engineers. 

We are minority owned enterprise and are ready to serve your needs. Contact us now to get started.